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December 13th

8:00 PM Jason reportedly texts a friend that he is leaving to go to a friend’s house in his parents’ neighborhood (reported by a friend; time unconfirmed, however SMPD call logs attributed a statement to Lisa that a friend said Jason was driving home, but his parents’ had no knowledge of his plans)

10:30-11:00 PM Texts with co-workers. Employer also confirmed Jason’s last Snap was of “bud” (reported by employer; unconfirmed)

10:45 PM FaceTime video call

10:55 PM Jason leaves his apartment 

11:05 PM Jason was driving his vehicle on Hwy. 80 and passes under 1-35 in San Marcos. 

11:07 PM Jason enters Caldwell County

11:11 PM Jason was in Martindale Tx, continuing south on Hwy. 80

11:15 PM, Jason passes over SH130 on Hwy. 80. 

11:17 PM Fentress

11:19 PM Prairie Lea

11:21 PM Stairtown

11:24 PM City of Luling on Hwy. 80. 

At Hackberry intersection Jason stops using Waze and opens SnapChat

11:26 PM Phone data places Jason at the Austin and Magnolia intersection. (Last known digital footprint)

11:30 PM Oil field worker drives Salt Flat and everything seems fine (reported in the press; unconfirmed)

December 14th

-12:31 am 

CCSO Master Call Report: Initial call is placed to CCSO to report finding the car.

-12:35 am (904 - Southeast Caldwell County Fire)

Dispatch Call: Yes ma'am in regards to the 10-50 on salt flat. There is no one in the vehicle. It is going to be, it took out some fence. The back windshield's knocked out of it. (Sic) (sic) I have the 28 if you want it. Go ahead. 


12:36 am

Can you advise a nearest cross street?

12:36 am (904)

Stand by, I’ll try to get a numeric.

12:36 am 

DPS Public Information Act Response: DPS Trooper 6B1004 dispatched via CCSO’s Dispatch

12:37 am (904)

904 to County - I was unable to get a numeric. We’re probably gonna be like to 1100 or 2000 block.

12:37 am


- 1:02 am (904)

Dispatch Call: “Uhhhhm just a little ways down from the accident scene further south it appears he’s got completely undressed. I still haven’t located him yet, but there appears to be a abandoned house down here I’m not exactly sure if he’s there or not.”

-1:03 am (6B1004 - DPS Trooper)

Dispatch Call: If you haven’t gotten a 51 (wrecker service), go ahead and get them started. 

- 1:06 am

Dispatch Call: I’m gonna need you to respond to the 1050 that (sic) Is in route to. It’s gonna be on Salt flat 4 miles north of Pumper. He’s advising it looks like the occupant grabbed a backpack strewn things around and there is some blood. Looks like he may have gotten out of his clothing as well. The fire unit has looked up and down the road and unable to locate anybody yet. 

-1:08 am (8233 CCSO Deputy)

Dispatch Call: What did the 28 come back to ? (Pause) it comes back to a gold 2003 Nissan Altima. Kent and Lisa Landry out of Missouri City negative 29. 

-1:18 am

Dispatch Call: Dix Diesel is in route.

-1:27 am (8233)

Dispatch Call: I’m not sure if this is the abandoned house they are talking about but this address is showing 2379. 10 4. (pause) there’s also going to be another house just south of it. 10 4

-1:29 am (8233)

Dispatch Call: 27 (driver’s license) is located in the backpack

-1:31 am (6B1004)

Dispatch Call: Make a note I will be collecting the backpack as evidence. Approximately 10 marijuana blunts located in a CVS Pharmacy prescription bottle. 

-1:32 am (8233)

Dispatch Call: (sic). Code 4. Can you check caller history on that address that I provided? 

- 1:33 am

Dispatch Call: 8233 the last call we have for 2379 salt flat is from April correction may 12 2016. It was a welfare concern for the person that lived there. 10 4

-1:35 am (8233)

Dispatch Call: (Sic) (Pause) address see if I can uh possibly locate this male subject. See if he’s inside this residence. 

10 4

-1:39 am (8233)

Dispatch Call: (Sic) code 4. I can see through the windows of a small little house. I’m not seeing anybody inside. Let me clear here turn around. 10-4

-1:40 am (8233)

Dispatch Call: I am going to go for the barn as well 10-4 (note: at 2379 there is a small house and barn/shed next to it.)

- 1:45 am (6B1004)

Dispatch Call: (Sic) it’s gonna be negative local. (Pause) I’ve been in contact with emergency uh contact information subject Lisa Landry on that  drivers license for Jason Landry suspected driver of this uh Nissan Altima. If you would go ahead and start calling this number.  Advise I’m ready to copy

-1:46 am (6B1004)

Dispatch Call: 122 that should be to subject jason Landry.  (Sic) 10-4.  If he does answer advise uh where he’s uh hanging at.  Pull information. 

-1:47 am  (6B1004)

Dispatch Call: His mother she advised that he is uh a student at Texas state in San Marcos. If you would go ahead and contact uh them  as well. See if they can check out his uh residential address or dorm room. 10-4 

- 1:49 am (6B1004)

Dispatch Call: Can you have your officers check FM 86 going south from 1322. Be on the lookout for a subject, white male,  blond hair, brown eyes, approximately 6 feet, possibly 175 to 200 pounds, may have some facial hair. Have (sic) when ready. (Sic) Texas 39894860 last name Landry first name Jason.  Suspected subject abandoned a vehicle on salt flat road in between 1322 and 86. 10 4 PD unit 3 clear. 30 Pd clear direct. Will be in route that way. 10-4 I’ll send photocopy to your (prompt service)

- 1:50 am (6B1004)

Dispatch Log: I’ve been in contact with emergency contact listed on subject drivers license, mother, she advised he is a student over at Texas state in San Marcos. He maybe under the influence of some narcotics. 10-4. Dix Diesel on scene. 10-4”

 - 1:53 am

Dispatch Call: I have public service uh individuals phone number no answer unable to leave message uh voicemail box is full. I also  have (sic) Texas state. They advise that that individual is taking online classes only and the only address they have for him is out of Missouri (note: this would be Missouri City, Texas)

-1:56 am

Luling PD Logs: Luling PD arrives on scene to search the roads in there jurisdiction

- 1:56am 

Dispatch Call: Did they advise that he is still staying on campus taking online classes. (Pause).  He does not attend Texas state physically only online and the only address is the one in Missouri (note: Missouri city Texas) he does not stay at the campus.

-1:57 am (Luling PD)

Dispatch Call: (Sic) (pause) so we’re going to move down to 80. See if he’s heading towards San Marcos. 10 4

-1:58 am (8233)

Dispatch Call: Can you call San Marcos PD.  Give them that 27. ?See if they have had a (sic)?  Maybe we can get a address out of San Marcos. (Pause) (numbers) (sic) was unable to get a address (sic) luling. We are contacting LPD to check the address out. I mean correction San Marcos PD.  

-1:59 am

SMPD Log - Poss under the influence of narcotics, marijuana, prescription drugs, and alcohol (sic) in veh; Clothes were found in the veh with blood on them

-2:02 am

Luling PD Logs: Luling PD has cleared the call for service 

- 2:02am 

Dispatch Call: Fire fighter advised that he had checked salt flat from 86 to 1322 and didn’t see him either. (Pause) 10 4 there’s that 2nd abandoned house just south of 2979 I believe but there’s no way to access it without jumping the gate and there is not enough light.  7130 (sic) county units have already checked throughout the roads in our jurisdiction. 

-2:06 am (6B1004)

Dispatch Call: Car is being released to Dix Diesel. Also the uh cell phone carrier for that subject is Verizon. 10-4

-2:21 am (6B1004)

Dispatch Call: The mother of that suspected driver Landry she’s contacted and advised that she located the phone and it’s inside the vehicle at Dix’s Diesel. 


SMPD Log: No contact at apartment, no lights on, doesn’t appear anyone is home (Jason’s apartment)

-2:53 am 

Dispatch Call: I just got in contact with San Marcos PD. They advise they made a welfare check. Uh no answers. 10 4






Jason’s clothing was found approximately 900 feet south of the car, approximately 50-100 feet further south than his backpack, hat, deceased beta in the tumbler, and a toiletries bag that were next to the west side of the road. The crash site was on the eastern side of the road. The clothing was around the bend from the crash, in the roadway, therefore it would have been beyond where any illumination from the car’s headlights would have cast. 

Jason's dad discovered Jason's last known clothing, which had been seen but left by law enforcement, in the middle of Salt Flat Road at approximately 5:00 AM on the morning of the 14th. The clothes were in what appeared to a line (shirt, short, shoes, etc.) almost as if they were removed while walking. The items found include: shirt, shorts,  Spongebob novelty socks, slide sandals, underwear, and his regular wristwatch. Jason’s watch was also found outstretched under his shirt on the road. Drops of blood were found on his underwear and the tag of his shorts. 


According to Kent at the end of Nancy Grace podcast, the clothing Jason was wearing when he FaceTimed his friend during and beyond 10:45 pm is the clothing that was found in the road. While on the call, Jason got changed INTO those clothes and finished packing. 


- The car was discovered by a Volunteer Fire Fighter at approximately 12:31 am. 


- DPS was the agency initially in charge of the investigation. However, both DPS and Caldwell County were on scene. 

- It took the responding trooper 44 minutes to arrive to the crash site.

- The trooper, who was reportedly on call, went home shortly after the scene was cleared. 

- Lisa (Jason's mom) called the trooper around 5:00 am to get directions for Kent (Jason's dad) to the scene and the trooper was in bed. 


- Law enforcement did not photograph the scene before or after the car was towed. The only known photograph is a still captured by the volunteer fire fighter on his cellphone. 


- The only item collected by LE in the early morning hours were Jason’s backpack and his hat.


- The official DPS report notes that Jason’s backpack was discovered 100 feet south of the car. However, CCSO reports that the trooper’s body cam footage indicates that it was closer to 900 feet south. The DPS crash report provides yet another version of the item’s location—600 feet from the crash site. 


- Caldwell County Sheriff's Office noted in their most recent press release that Jason’s phone was “on” and had a cellular signal during the 67-minute period.

-Jason’s cell phone carrier is Verizon.

- Locals in Luling with Verizon service say that service is spotty on Salt Flat.

- Jason’s phone was located and retrieved from the car at Dix Diesel by his dad at approximately 7:00 am on the 14th. 

- Jason’s phone has a six-digit passcode.


- Law enforcement has been able to obtain access to the phone and a number of app data sources. 

 Jason’s scent was reportedly detected in three places: a trail leading 1/4 mile south of the roadway away from the car and toward Luling, a vacant house located at 2379 Salt Flat Road, and a pond that was subsequently drained. 


- In late December 2020, Officer Miller with Caldwell County Sheriff's Office gave an interview in which he stated that they were no longer certain that the scent at the abandoned house or pond was Jason’s. He made a reference to those areas being search by the on-scene trooper and deputy and alluded to possible cross-contamination of the scene and any scent trails. 





jason's car

-The only additional clothing in Jason’s car was his jacket. 

- The front passenger door of Jason’s vehicle, lacking any visible damage, can only be accessed/opened from the interior of the vehicle. There were no known mechanical issues with the passenger door prior to the accident. 



- By the end of December, TEXSAR members had volunteered over 2,000 hours; spent nine days conducting ground searches and three days of aerial searches that spanned almost 50 square miles.


- On February 28th a three-day searched was launched by over 100 TEXSAR members including cadaver dogs and their handlers, the TEXSAR Mounted Search and Rescue Team with them using the following tools: UAV/drones, experts in ground search and rescue, side scan sonar, water search resources and a helicopter initiated a large scale search.


Unfortunately, none of these have led to Jason. Smaller searches continue from professional and nonprofit groups. 


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